Project details

Location First Floor, The Place, Bridge Avenue, Maidenhead, SL6 1AF
Size 5,500 sq ft CAT A office space
Duration 9 weeks


The Client arranges conferences and seminars across Europe and as part of the company’s continued business development, it was necessary to open a new office in Maidenhead to accommodate the increasing headcount. Maidenhead would also be home to their dedicated data centre.

Client objectives

Time was very much a key factor for the Client as their lease was due to expire in the forthcoming months. The data centre is at the very heart of their business, so there could be no disruption to business continuity whilst migrating voice and data equipment.

What we did

The space was finished to CAT A standard, so a detailed design process began in order to provide a mixture of open plan, cellular offices, meeting rooms, training room, reception & data centre.

The data centre is home to all their servers and is fully air conditioned and supported by both UPS and standby generator facilities.

All aspects of the scheme were project managed and designed, starting from initial concept design, right the way through to commissioning of building services and staff being fully operational behind their desks on a Monday morning.