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For us, office interior design isn’t just about the look and feel – it has to deliver on your business objectives. Sometimes that means finding the optimal balance of employee space vs. layout and sometimes it’s about ensuring that the reception delivers a ‘wow’ factor.

Regardless of the objective, Workplace Concepts design team are experienced at creating effective solutions for your commercial premises through flexible office interior design and space planning services. Listed below are our design services, each explaining how Workplace Concepts can help:

Services in detail

  • Workplace Appraisal

    Aesthetically, one building can be very similar to another to the lay person. However the cost of fitting out and subsequent running costs can vary dramatically, depending on the extent of installed mechanical & electrical services. Typically up to 55% of the total project cost is allocated to services that are either concealed within the suspended ceiling or floor voids and in some schemes this percentage can be even higher.

    At Workplace Concepts we can carry out a full workplace appraisal that will give you piece of mind, that not only will you know exactly what to expect from your project but also what to expect from your new workplace in the future.

    Full workplace appraisal will ensure the right steps are taken at the right time, helping you stay in control, throughout the project.

  • Building Appraisal

    Workplace Concepts can help you identify and select the right premises for your business. By preparing an appraisal of each building that you are considering, we can clearly set out the cost of fitting out and a programme of works, taking into account any unusual characteristics or features.

    The proper assessment of the exterior and interior design of a building is an essential part in the selection criteria. It's important to assess whether the floor plates have made cost effective use of the space. This is achieved by developing block plans indicating department adjacencies and detailed space plans, giving you the confidence that the selected building will accommodate your headcount requirements for now and the future.

    Whichever new space you decide on, with Workplace Concepts you'll have all the information at your fingertips allowing you to make the right choice for your company.

  • Block Plans

    Once you have identified a suitable building it is important to quickly establish whether the building will accommodate your space requirements. Workplace Concepts will work closely alongside you to develop detailed block plans at an early stage to identify size of departments, facilities and the all important topic of adjacencies of departments and key personnel.

    This process will quickly establish the fit factor and identify if the proposed space has any shortcoming. This is especially important if your business has numerous departments and the total space is divided over more than one floor.

    The floor plate of buildings differ tremendously from one building to another and some buildings offer better utilisation of space by the nature of its shape. The block plans will ensure that all space is fully utilised to its maximum potential, whilst giving due consideration to dapartment adjacencies. The cost of space to a business is normally one of its largest annual overheads therefore it is really important to select a building by looking from the inside out as opposed to the outside in.

  • Office Space Plans

    Once you are fully satisfied with the block plans the important work can begin in developing detailed space plans. The space plans typically indicate internal structural columns, core areas and proposed lines of partitioning used to create new cellular spaces such as reception area, conference room, meeting rooms, quiet space, private offices, storage space, tea points, staff breakout area, computer room, print hubs and of course open plan office space. Office furniture and file storage would also be shown on the plans, with the aim of demonstrating how well the space could be configured.

  • Office Concept Design

    One of the most crucial phases of any office design project is the concept designs. It can be difficult to visualise how your office space can be transformed, especially if it's already a fully working office. So we communicate our ideas to you in a way that brings your imagination to life.

    Effective concept designs help you to see what can be achieved and how best to allocate your budget, the first steps towards creating an office environment that truly represents the culture of your organisation.

    Concept designs are key to helping you develop a clear understanding of your requirements. Workplace Concepts can provide concept designs through artist impressions or Auto CAD generated images to help you fully appreciate how your space could be transformed.

  • Furniture Procurement

    Workplace Concepts remain independent of any furniture dealership, which means we are able to offer you impartial advice and recommendations when sourcing the best quality office furniture.

    We have built up great relationships with a range of office furniture suppliers, guaranteeing our clients quality and on-time deliveries. What better way to add the finishing touches to your new office space.

For further information please contact Workplace Concepts by either calling +44 (0)1252 653454 or using our online enquiry form and we will contact you within 24hrs.

We are all very pleased with the final design and layout providing a great place to work. I personally look forward to working with you again on a future project
Ian Rowley – InterRoute Limited
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